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1. I have
2. I owe
3. Last month I spent
4. Last month I saved

Just 28 years, 4 months of long commutes remaining!  

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How do you go faster?

There are three levers you can pull...

Reduce Spending

The simplest path to wealth is learning to want less. The less you want, the less you spend. The less you spend, the more you have.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Housing

    Can you live with less house? Can you live in a less expensive location?

  2. Transportation

    Can you live with a less expensive car? Can you live with one car instead of two? Could you live without a car at all? Could you bike or walk more?

  3. Other stuff

    How much do you spend on random stuff? Go through your closets and your garage. Get a feel for what has accumulated. Has it been over a month since you've used these things? Could you live without these things?

  4. Not sure where your money goes?

    Try FI-cast.

Increase Income

Keep your spending constant and all additional income goes to savings.

  1. Get a raise

    Ask your manager for more money. It doesn't hurt to ask.

  2. Start a side hustle

    Work nights and weekends to feed your savings.

  3. Find a better paying job

    Feel underpaid? Another company may agree.

  4. Sell something

    Box up items in your house. A month later, sell whatever remains in the boxes.

Pay Down Debt

Monthly payments let you buy something now with money you don't have yet.

  1. Stop taking on new debt

    If you can't afford to pay the full amount, don't buy it.

  2. Destroy your debts

    Pay your lowest balance credit card off, then use those payments to pay off the next. Snowball it.

  3. Make mindful purchases

    Don't impulse-buy. Take time to ponder purchases. Save up for expensive items and buy them later.

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